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wildealf ([personal profile] wildealf) wrote2009-05-01 05:13 pm

Yay! First DW Post!

I'm [personal profile] wildealf over here at DW and I got an account thanks to Isha aka [personal profile] ubiquitous_girl!!! *TACKLES WITH LOVE*

You know a random thought occurred to me. LJ and DW are like the Blue and Red version of Pokémon. Really! If you think about it LJ is Blue, the version which was more popular on everyone got. Then DW is the Red version which was like the little less awesome brother of Blue. Yeah I got the red version as a child and I wanted Blue so badly mainly because I loved Squirtle and blue was my favourite colour. But noooo Mike got it because Red was somehow too girly! Anyway, I came up with that at 9am this morning before crashing since I was up all night watching Season 3 of The Office and then cleaning my room.

So yeah, as for my username... I was gonna go with just 'wild' but it felt so short and unnatural and I love my pen name/username of "Wild E. ALF". Oh and another thought, whenever I saw or see DW shortened for DreamWidth I think of the character from the kids books Arthur. (Who was in the official book club in grades 2-3!?!? I WAS!!!)

And I'm off to help Kristina clean up for a party at her house... yep life shall be good because while I'm there I shall get my Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town back! YAY! Ohhh I'm such a dork. -.-;